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Digital Servo Drives
for brushless and brushed PMDC servomotors


Analog Servo Drives
for brushed PMDC servomotors

The A-Series analog servo drive is designed for PMDC brushed servomotors operating from 24 to 180 VDC and continuous current ratings up to 15 amps.

Image XPM Power Module
The XPM Power Module is used with both the X Series digital servo drive and A-Series analog drives to convert VAC to VDC. This is ideal for multi-axis applications.
XPM Power Modules _ (VAC to VDC converter for use with the X Series servo drives)
DSP Automation offers servomotors matched with our servo drives. The companies we work with are leading companies in the design and manufacturing of servomotors. We provide rotary or linear in brush or brushless (AC servomotors), low or high inertia, metric or NEMA mounting, and low or high performance.