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A-Series Servo Drive

Product Introduction 2009

Alive and Well … Brushed Servo Drives


DSP Automation released a new servo drive for Brushed DC Permanent Magnet Servomotors. The A-Series was designed for high performance, reliability, but most importantly lower cost to the OEM. With many OEM’s continuing to use brush servomotors, DSP Automation saw an opportunity to develop the A-Series servo drive with today’s analog/digital technology and drastically reduce the cost of manufacturing.

The A-Series servo drive accepts bus voltage from 24 – 180 VDC input. Unlike most of our competitors the A-Series models come in five different continuous current ratings to provide the highest level of performance. These continuous current output ratings are 2, 4, 8, 12 or 15 amps and peak current of three times continuous. The control loops are all analog with digital drive status and fault detection. This servo drive is easily commissioned using potentiometers for tuning. The inputs and outputs are set for high or low response from jumpers located under the drive cover. For velocity feedback a tachometer is required on the servomotor. The A-Series can function in either velocity or current mode.

The A-Series Servo Drive is the number one choice for OEM’s using brushed servomotors.


Press Releases

- A-Series Servo Drive

Product Introduction 2009 - Alive and Well ... Brushed Servo Drives


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ImageDigital Servo Drives
DSP Automation digital servo drives are designed to be the most optimum choice for motion control applications….

ImageAnalog Servo Drives
The A-Series analog servo drive is designed for PMDC brushed servomotors operating from 24 to 180 VDC and continuous current ratings up to 15 amps.

ImageXPM Power Module
The XPM Power Module is used with both the X Series digital servo drive and A-Series analog drives to convert VAC to VDC. This is ideal for multi-axis applications.
XPM Power Modules _ (VAC to VDC converter for use with the X Series servo drives)