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  X Series DC Bus Input Digital Servo Drives
for Brushless and Brushed Servomotors
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Bus Voltage Input Communication
  • 20-100 VDC
  • 100-365 VDC
  • USB
  • Network
Control Modes Command Interface
  • Gearing
  • Position
  • Velocity
  • Torque
  • Step/Direction
  • ± 10V velocity or torque command
  • 2 phase analog
  • PWM
  • Master encoder(gearing)
  • Network (EtherCat, CANopen)
  • Descrete I/O

Servomotor Feedback

  • Incremental quadrature A/B encoder
  • Resolver
  • Serial encoder (BiSS, EnDAT 2.2)
  • Digital halls

The X Series servo drive is for powering brushless or brush servomotors. The VDC input bus allows for lower cost multi-axis solutions and space saving.  Logic control power is internally generated from the dc bus. An option is available for 24 VDC isolated control power supplied externally by the end user. The small package design outputs up to 3.6 kW continuous power.

The X Series all digital servo drive utilizes a 32 bit digital signal processor (DSP) and 16 bit A/D’s and D/A’s for control loops and servomotor feedback inputs to provide ultimate high performance. The drive controls the failsafe brake and thermal sensing from the servomotor. Servomotor feedback is a determining factor in performance of a servo system. The X Series comes standard with BiSS and EnDAT 2.2 serial encoder or SSI interface.

The X Series supports EtherCAT, www.ethercat.org and CANopen, www.canopen.org.  Other networks are available on request.


Setup and Commissioning

  • A USB port on the servo drive is used for communication between the servo drive and PC (personal computer). DSP Automation provides easy to us Window ™ software for setup and commission.

     Setup requires setting the parameters for the servo driveand the servomotor. These parameters are easily set by the user or DSP Automation will preset for the customer if requested.

    Commissioning the system for optimum performance is a challenge for most users. DSP Automation provides standard and advanced control adjustments for the optimum performance required for the application. An integrated two channel oscilloscope provides instantaneous feedback for visually viewing the dynamic performance of the system.

    DSP Automation does not leave the task of commissioning the servo system to the experience of our customers. We provide full support to guarantee success. To qualified customers, a DSP Automation engineer will be at the customer’s location for commissioning and training for the first system.

Technical Specifications

X Series (VDC)

Input Voltage

20 - 100 VDC or 100 - 365 VDC

Output Current

Continuous current @ 40o C (A rms)









Peak (A rms)









Peak Current Time (sec.)



Performance Specifications

Control Logic Voltage

Internal DC/DC converter

Current Loop BW


Velocity Loop BW


PWM Frequency


Emulated Encoder Max Output Frequency

2.5 MHz

Commissioning/ Diagnostics

Software (USB port), LEDs

Encoder Feedback

Incremental Encoder / Halls
Absolute Serial: Single / Multiturn, 17-25bit, BiSS / EnDAT 2.2 / SSI
Tachometer: (+/-50V max.) 16-bit A/D Resolution

Operating Modes

Torque, Velocity, Pulse & Direction, Encoder Follower, Sensorless (Brushed only)

Motor Temperature Sensor

NTC, PTC, Thermostat

Motor Current Waveform


Analog Input

+/-10V, 16-bit A/D Resolution, software scalable

Analog Output

+/-10V, Software Selectable/scalable

Digital Inputs

3 Inputs, 5-28VDC control voltage

Digital Outputs

2 Software Selectable Outputs, 5-28VDC, 100mA max.

Servomotor Brake Control

Software Selectable Output, 24-28VDC, 3A max.
 (user supplied power)

Operating  Ambient Temperature

0 °C to 50 °C

Relative Humidity

5 - 95% non-condensing

Regen Capability

Internal Resistor
30W cont., 1kW peak

External Resistor
Up to 100% of Drive Capacity


Servo Drive Model Number


  • 45 VDC bus, 8 amps continuous with standard incremental encoder input  _  X-100-8
  • 300 VDC bus, 4 amps continuous with standard incremental encoder input  _  X-365-4
  • 160 VDC bus, 6 amps continuous with resolver _ X-365-6-RS
  • 300 VDC bus, 2 amps continuous with BiSS serial encoder and CANopen network _ X-365-2-BS-NCO





- Mounting Drawing for X Series (8-15 amps cont.)

- Mounting Drawing for X Series (1-6 amps cont.)

- X Series Brochure